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Multimedia Production





The content world is changing and so is how it's produced. We're looking for individuals that thrive in this ever-changing environment. If you like producing audio, video, animations, web , and/or any other type of media, then read on. Multimedia producers combine creative flair and technical skills to design content across all media platforms that entertains, educates or informs the audience. Our clients require a wealth of advertising and marketing materials.




  • Advise clients on what is technically possible and producing a proposal including, for example, the range and scope of the work and realistic timescales and costs
  • Work with agency account, creative, and media staff to ideate innovative media products
  • Collaborate with other specialists, writers, animators, artists, sound engineers and programmers
  • Work across multiple software programs to design and produce
  • Produce finished work and present final designs to clients




Cross Cultural Integrated Communications Agency